copy/paste 214: acceleration radio crossover

copy/paste 214: acceleration radio crossover

copy/paste radio
copy/paste radio
copy/paste 214: acceleration radio crossover

we here at copy/paste are never content to just do radio as radio. always looking to innovate for the culture, to accelerate, if you will. Well, today I am proud to present what might be the world’s first b2b simulcast of 2 djs on 2 decks on 2 radio shows on 2 radio stations… having way 2 much fun : )

It’s the crossover episode with acceleration radio, where Apex Twink goes b2b w/ myself, Autonomy, for a full hour of forward thinking music and back breaking mixes. yikes…


Nervous Operator – Unforced Error [Dreamtone]
Kuma – Yon Jo Ni Chome
Archivist – A Rogue Moon [Blankstairs]
Anunaku – Ninfea [AD 93]
Omaar – Traib (Remix) [NAAFI]
DJ Lag – Ghost on the Loose [Goon Club Allstars]
Xssory – Swamp Vision [320 RIP]
Ca$h Bandicoot – Whippin [320 RIP]
Photonz – Dagger Ceremony [Dark Entries]
DJ T-1000 – Detroitism [Pure Sonik]
Roche – Peak Time Freak Time [Outpost]
Autechre – Crystel [Warp]
Syzygy – Luminous (4AM Mix) [Kalahari Oyster Cult]
Earth Boys – Battery Boys [Shall Note Fade]
Dance System & UNIIQU3 – Get Up On It! [System Records]
MikeQ – The Ha Dub Rewerk’d [Fade To Mind]
Traxman – It’s Lasting Bass [Teklife]
DJ Rashad – Feelin’ [Lit City Trax]
Quadie Diesel – PTPIMF (DJ Swisha Bootleg) [Self-Released]
Luke Vibert – Bass Kick [Hypercolour]

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