copy/paste 215: move by night

copy/paste 215: move by night

copy/paste radio
copy/paste radio
copy/paste 215: move by night

I threw a forest rave in august, and it honestly surpassed my best expectations. people can’t wait to get back out there! this mix is inspired by that moment, of the freedom to move any way you like under cover of the tree line and night sky. we move by night.


badsista – FUTURO BLEND ft. JLZ [self-released]
Ikonika – Sarsariya [Night Slugs]
SW. – moonNEWsoon [Kalahari Oyster Cult]
Looting – Active Sleeper [kepasaparadoks.]
Syzygy – Little Pieces of Love [Kalahari Oyster Cult]
Helium – Out There [Kalahari Oyster Cult]
Anthony Acid – Doe, Doe, Doe [DJ-Kicks]
Anunaku – Teleported [3024]
Mia Dora – Jezebel [Glasgow Underground]
Jessy Lanza – Fuck Diamond (Bambounou Remix) [Hyperdub]
Posthuman – You’re Mine (Luke Vibert Remix) [Food Music]
Azari – Gotasoul (Aquarian’s Umami ’93 Remix) [Get Physical]
Mahogani Blair & TT The Artist – Knock Yo Boots [Club Queens]
Photonz – Brooklyn (Take Me Back 2) [naivety]
Jorja Chalmers – Midnight Train [Italians Do It Better]

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