copy/paste 213: PJ forever

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copy/paste radio
copy/paste 213: PJ forever

This past week one of my favourite djs of all-time, one of the greatest to ever do it, the Chicago house legend Paul Johnson passed away at the age of 50. I’m not gonna lie, this one hit me in the gut. but instead of asking pointless questions to the sky, i’m channelling this feeling into an all-PJ mix, traversing the decades, and arriving at the final release of his staggering career. it’s all PJ, PJ forever. ✌️


Paul Johnson – The Speaker Buster [dancemania]
Paul Johnson – Don’t Stop Movin That Ass [dancemania]
Paul Johnson – Bump Talkin [Peace Frog]
Paul Johnson – Freaks In Front [dancemania]
Paul Johnson – Caught Up In Your Love [Peace Frog]
Paul Johnson – Hear The Music [Peace Frog]
Paul Johnson – Feel My M.F. Bass [dancemania]
Paul Johnson – Get Get Down [Moody Recordings]
Paul Johnson – Back To the Ghetto [ACV]
Paul Johnson – Summer Heat [Peace Frog]
Paul Johnson – I’m Alone Until You Show Me [Dust Trax]
Paul Johnson – Beautiful Pussy (ft. Juliet Mendoza) [Downtown Underground]
Paul Johnson – The Dancefloor [Moveltraxx]

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