copy/paste 192: afrofuturist adventure

copy/paste radio
copy/paste radio
copy/paste 192: afrofuturist adventure

the world is on fire. black people are fighting of their lives. it seems like all that anyone can focus on are the images of brutalization, violence, destruction, and death. but it’s important to see this moment within the larger, historical context of black liberation, and one thing that I always notice in this context is that black people have been imagining their futures for a very long time. In art and culture, this often took the form of what has retroactively been dubbed “afrofuturism.” for this episode of copy/paste, I wanted to look back at these musical pioneers, who had the audacity to think big and dream bigger. it’s time for an afrofuturist adventure.


Sun Ra and His Intergalactic Myth Science Solar Arkestra – Door of the Cosmos [Art Yard]

Parliament – Mothership Connection (Star Child) [Casablanca]

The Last Poets – When The Revolution Comes [Douglas]

Deltron 3030 – Virus [75 Ark]

Dr. Octagon – Earth People [Bulk]

Company Flow – 8 Steps To Perfection [Rawkus]

Cannibal Ox – Battle For Asgard (ft. L.I.F.E., C-Rayz Walz) [Definitive Jux]

Warp 9 – Light Years Away [Prism]

Hashim – We’re Rocking The Planet [Cutting]

Drexciya – Bubble Metropolis [Underground Resistance]

Underground Resistance – Cosmic Traveler [Underground Resistance]

DJ Rolando – Knights of the Jaguar [Underground Resistance]

Blaqstarr – Feel It In The Air [Jeffree’s]

Benga – 26 Basslines [Tempa]

Kode9 & The Spaceape – Victims [Hyperdub]

Fhloston Paradigm – Return [Hyperdub]

Keeno18 – Ghana Gate [Ultramajic]

DVA [HI:EMOTIONS] – Dafuq [Hyperdub]

Nazar – Mother [Hyperdub]

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