copy/paste 216: A B Y S S

copy/paste radio
copy/paste radio
copy/paste 216: A B Y S S

A salve to the frantic rush to get “back to normal” a little too quick for comfort, let these gentle rhythms and soft drones take over your mind. a warm sonic blanket for these wet and chilly nights in the city ☔️


Corben – Shadows Wake [Hotham Sound]
Lee Gamble – Balloon Lossy [Hyperdub]
Car Culture – Fitness (ft. Maxime Robillard) [Lighthead]
Looting – Paradise [Self-Released]
Fatima Al Qadiri – Golden [Hyperdub]
Car Culture – ppl make the world go dub [Lighthead]
Mike Cooper – An Acoustic Sleepwalk [Room 40]
James K – Everyrose [AD 93]
Etari – Comes in Waves (Etari’s Hypnotic Mix) [100% Silk]
Daniel Avery – The Pursuit of Joy [Phantasy Sound]
Jorja Chalmers – Midnight Train [Italians Do It Better]
Corben – Canyonlands [Hotham Sound]

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